Pretty much that song

    'Killer Queen'

  • Arm Wrestling

    The Jane of Pain

    Interior Design

    Florida State University 
    BA in Interiors 

    Set Design

    The Joffrey Academy of Dance

    Photography & 

    Photo Styling

    Life style, interiors, documentary

    Stand up

    I don't just talk about my cat


    Comedy, Events, Sponsorships

  • "Brittany is the only one in our family with green eyes." -Mom


    "Expect plenty of whip-smart jokes, social satire and bawdy humor." - Tallahassee Democrat


    "8 out of 10, would bang." -General Consensus


  • Comedy

    My comedy focuses on progressive attitudes, queer lifestyles, feminism, wrestling, and my cat.

    I produce Strip Joker, Tuxedo Cat Comedy, SPiN Off Stand Up, and serve as a cast member for the kates.


    SPiN Off STaND Up
    SPiN Chicago
    9:00pm - 5.18.17


    Strip Joker @ Cream City Comedy Festival
    Milwaukee, WI
    6:00pm - 5.20.17


    The Kates
    Book Cellar
    7:00pm - 5.27.17


    Lill Annoyance Show
    The Annoyance
    9:00pm - 5.27.17


    Funny Grabs Back
    Pinwheel Records
    8:00pm - 6.2.17


    Plan 9 Burlesque
    Stage 773
    10:30pm - 6.2.17


    My free time is spent producing and conceptualizing comedy shows that feature local talent and pay them for their time writing and performing.


    I also do storytelling around Chicago that typically details all kinds of embarrassing things.


    Take a listen to a piece I wrote below:

    Miss Spoken

  • Strip Joker

    Comedy & Nudity

    Partnered with the 'You are Beautiful' campaign, Strip Joker combines body positivity and stand-up comedy into one hilarious show.


    Comics will be taking off clothes and doing their best body positive material! Our comics remove clothing in ways that make them feel empowered and comfortable in our space. Read about us in the Chicago Reader. 

    Appropriately located at Uptown Underground, this once a month showcase will feature the best comics in Chicago for a fantastic, hour and a half, mostly nude, totally funny, showcase. 2nd Fridays, Uptown Underground main stage.


    *Every ticket purchased will also get you a complimentary ticket for a show at the world famous Laugh Factory, Chicago. ($20 value) 


    Produced by Brittany Meyer, Whitney Wasson and Molly Kearney

    Like us on FB for updates and photos!


  • Strip Joker on Instagram

    Check out our latest updates!

  • The Kates

    Funny ladies aiming for world domination.

    The Kates is a lady only comedy collective with a mission to showcase talented and hilarious female identified performers by creating inclusive and positive environments.

    Read more about us here.


  • The Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

    Stone Cold Jane Austen

    The Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers is an organization partnered with Side Show Theatre to provide quality entertainment in a progressive, safe space with all proceeds going to organizations promoting the arts. With three annual shows and audiences grossing 500-800 attendees, CLLAW is a highly anticipated event for the arts, queer, wrestling, and Logan Square community.


    Columbia Chronicle on Stone Cold Jane Austen and Macho Ma'am

  • Completed under Kathryn Godwin of Studio Cultivate

    Yes, I'm also a designer

    Production, Brand, Scenic, Interior, Festival, Exhibit, and CAD design.


    Download link to my portfolio below, resume available upon request: 

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